G'MIC : Free application, extension, with 500 graphic filters and effects


Despite all the perfection of the applicationsGIMP in the upcoming years, while Chalk, they can be made even better by adding some extensions, thus acquiring a completely professional orientation. Now, you have nothing to envy from the professional counterparts, even if they are called Photoshop.

G'MIC is an open source image manipulation application, distributed under the CeCILL license (GPL compatible) and includes many graphical filters suitable for manipulating any image. It is basically an add-on with which you can expand the editing functions on your computer with programs like theGIMP and theChalk.

It is designed with portability in mind and can run on different platforms (Windows, Unix, MacOSX). It can process a wide variety of image types, image sequences or XNUMXD vector objects.

After installing the application, then run GIMP or Krita, load the desired photo, tap on filters and click on G'MIC.

In conclusion, this is an excellent application that you should have, especially for those of you who are involved in graphic editing that competes well with similar professional applications and is available for free. 
the G'MIC app

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