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PianoBooster is a free (open source) program that plays Standard Midi Files and allows you to change the playback speed and transpose the music etc.

 There is a scrolling musical staff that shows the notes for just one part of all the parts in the whole musical arrangement. is designed to allow you to play along on a MIDI piano keyboard with the rolling notes displayed on the screen. 

The notes you press on the keyboard appear as colored lines on the musical staff, the color of which depends on whether you have pressed the right or wrong note. A different instrument sound is used for your playing depending on whether you are playing right or wrong notes.

This feature also allows Piano Booster to be used with printed sheet music, so you can hear if you're playing the right notes while keeping your eyes on the printed sheet music.


  • Piano Booster follows your playing when you play along with a musical accompaniment. (If you stop, so does the music).
  • Play a single hand and Piano Booster will play the other hand in time with you (it will also play violins, basses, drums, etc. in time with you).
  • Change the playback speed to match your abilities.
  • Shift +/- 12 semitones without stopping playback.
  • Change the key signature of the track.
  • Plays any standard MIDI or kar file.
  • Play along with any instrument in the MIDI file.
  • See exactly how you play.
  • Change the start line to start playback from any line in the music.
  • Rep bars allow you to practice only a few difficult bars at a time.
  • Timing markers are white crosses drawn above each note that indicate whether you are playing ahead or behind the beat.
  • A different instrument sound is used for the right and wrong notes you play.
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