InjuredPixels : Check your computer screen for dead pixels


In LCD screens each pixel consists of three separate sub-pixels, one red, one green and one blue and their combination makes up the colors we see on the screen. We call a pixel dead when the transistor that controls the amount of light that must pass through the three sub-pixels malfunctions.

There are not a few cases when someone buying a laptop screen or any other LCD technology product is faced with the unpleasant sight of Dead pixels.

Although something like this is not the norm, we cannot rule it out, in fact some companies supported up to a number of Dead pixels in their devices and did not consider it a defect.

Of course, it may not be a damage, but it is not the best to buy a product with burnt or stuck pixels, let alone that most companies now consider it as a non-negotiable condition selling their products with the guarantee of zero pixels.

In any case, the program we will present to you can be used in cases where we want to buy a second-hand screen, for example, and we want to see if there are problematic pixels, or if our existing screen shows burnt or stuck pixels.

Test a screen during the warranty period, as you may receive a replacement under the manufacturer's dead pixel policy. You can run InjuredPixels without installation and check any LCD or tablet screen for dead pixels or defects.

Easily check for hot, dead or stuck pixels, for pixels that aren't properly lit or display the correct color rendition. InjuredPixels fills the entire screen with a single color so you can check for pixels that don't match the selected color.

Just click or use the arrow keys to cycle through the test colors, or right-click to bring up the main command menu. Finally, it has built-in multi-monitor support so you can check all connected monitors for dead or defective pixels.

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