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PCData Back is a professional backup and restore tool for Windows that allows you to easily backup and restore user data (and more). 

It has the restore ability to create the exact same user accounts and restore data directly from a different volume or from Windows.old, making this tool a great backup/restore solution for reinstalling Windows, moving to an SSD or larger storage device or simply to keep a secure backup of your data.

PCdata Back allows you to easily backup and restore user data, creates exactly the same user accounts that were backed up, making it a great backup solution for reinstalling Windows, migrating to an SSD or larger hard drive, restoring user data from Windows.old or from a different computer or simply to keep a safe backup of your data. 

This feature was created with simplicity and ease of use in mind. All options are displayed in one window so you can set everything up with just a few clicks. PCdata Back can also automatically detect user folders that have been moved to a non-standard location, so you don't have to worry about that. 

To use PCdata Back, you just need to download the executable file and then run the downloaded file. No installation required. A screen similar to the image above will appear. 

Then click on the button of your choice. if you are going to create a new backup or use an existing one, click start backup .

Otherwise, if you are going to restore a backup, click restore now. PCdata Back will open a file browsing dialog, allowing you to browse for and select the backup file to open. You will then be taken to the restore section.

The reset section is even more dynamic. User data can be restored to different user accounts or the same user accounts can be automatically created on the fly with the restore process. 

Finally, additional backed up folders can be restored to locations other than the original, all set up in seconds. As mentioned above, PCdata Back can also restore data from a different volume containing a previous Windows installation.

Additionally, you can restore data from C:\Windows.old. This is where existing data is moved when you perform a fresh installation of an operating system booted from Windows installation media. 

If you find this location on your computer, then you might have your old photos or documents there and you can use PDCata back to restore them easily.          
the PCData Back application

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