Friday May 5 2023

Anti Spyware Detector & Finder : Optimization and protection software


It is an advanced protection software where you can get information about your device, manage permissions, find hidden apps, find high-risk spyware, and perform diagnostics and repair of your system.

This is the main purpose of the app, and it focuses on privacy management for privacy purposes by giving you an overview of how your installed apps use different permissions.

It includes a spyware detector to detect any malware or high-risk software on your device, as well as a detector of hidden apps installed on your phone.

However, apart from these you can perform checks on your phone and test its hardware to view information of your device including sensors, camera, display, RAM, CPU and many more. 

However, keep in mind that the application does not replace the classic anti-virus that you must have installed, but works in addition to it, increasing the overall protection of your phone.

Finally, in addition to its other features, it gives you the ability to clean and optimize your phone.
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