Tuesday 23 May 2023

File Locker : Encrypt your files


Excellent application which can save photos, videos in a very safe and secret place, with countless and incredible features and options. No one can even guess that this app can save your personal files. 

You can choose your own password to log into your secret area. It also has a great feature, Fake login, which is very useful when someone forces you to open this app in front of them! So, it is almost impossible to see these files, except for you.


  • Strong Password (TSS)
  • Password recovery via email
  • Smart fake connection
  • Manage folders, export whole folder
  • Special recycling bin within the application itself
  • Option to save video/image snapshot
  • Auto play video 
  • Image rotation, zoom and pan options
  • Built-in document space
  • Built-in note management
  • File/folder export options
  • Logout session
  • And many more features being added all the time....

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