Widgetify : Turn your favorite website into a widget


Turn any web page into a widget, place it on your home screen and be notified when its content changes.

It's a smart way to view your favorite websites. By turning the website into a widget, you can monitor its status without ever having to open it.

Widgetify will help you create your own custom web widgets, and it does it extremely well. 

By default, it only updates a widget-based website once every 24 hours. But you can change it at any interval you like, with updates as often as every five minutes or as infrequently as once every two days.

You just have to remember that the more updates of a widget you specify, the more resources the app will require, so experiment with the options to make sure you find an interval that works for you and doesn't eat up too many resources from your battery. You will be notified when the change ratio between updates is greater than the specified value.

This can even be done for a pixel change. (Set it to 0%!) You can specify an interval or absolute time intervals of logging runs. Battery level, mobile network usage, charging status conditions can also be configured.

For advanced users, the app can run a Javascript code to process the web page just before downloading. You can set a notification disable period for each widget instance.

However, you should know that too frequent updates can cause excessive battery or network usage.

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