Saturday May 20 2023

Create an unlimited number of desktops


DesktopUp is a new, amazing application that will allow you to optimize your desktop, create as many desktops as you want and switch between them.

For each desktop, you can choose the programs you want to run when you switch to it.

For example, you can create a desktop for your photos and select the folder in which you have the photos you need to work with.



Click the add button, (Add), it will prompt for a name for the new desktop and folder. 

(However, it is not possible for desktops to have the same name or point to the same folder). From there, select the desired folder and name your new desktop (eg photos).


When you want to work with it, you just have to select the desktop from the list and click the button "use» (or double-click the list).

This way, your desktop will immediately become the folder associated with the name (eg Photos) and a new desktop will appear containing the files inside it."

The original Windows desktop is just a click away, and if you want to return to it, just click the Windows which is the default Windows desktop. 

Finally, if you click the delete button, you can delete the selected desktop.

If you click the options button, a screen with options for the selected desktop will appear.

If you click the run button, you can run the programs associated with the current surface.
Download the DesktopUp application
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