CoScreen : Simultaneous screen sharing with video and audio

CoScreen is an amazing communication application, with which you can share one or more windows, from applications, documents, photos, with your colleagues or friends. Collaborate on any project in CoScreen to get it done faster together.

Share, any PC or browser application with a single click and add your partners to CoScreen's main menu.  

After they accept your request, you can see if they are online and available and call them with just one click. Call each other with high quality audio and video chat.



Install CoScreen, download CoScreen (if you haven't already) and run the installer.

Launch the CoScreen desktop app after installing it. Then sign up using your Google account or by entering your email address and confirming it manually.

Join your first CoScreen and click a CoScreen link if you've already been invited, or create a new one.


Invite your partners. Up to ten users can simultaneously subscribe to one CoScreen session. Simply invite your partners by sharing your CoScreen link.

Contact them via audio and video once you're in a CoScreen session to talk to each other and turn on your webcam to see each other. Click the '☰' icon in the top right corner of the CoScreen menu to change the video layout and other settings.

To share windows, click the window sharing tab after moving your mouse over a window or the display icon in the CoScreen menu to share any of your windows with a single click.

Once shared, your window - and only this window - appears as a real application window to your partners.

They can interact with your shared window as if it were their own, and they can share any of their windows with you at the same time, in the same way.

You can see remote participants' mouse pointers whenever they move them to a shared window, and everyone can click and type in any shared window.

The free version features 1-on-1 meetings, simultaneous sharing of desktop applications, direct editing of shared windows, audio and video chat. If you want more features, you should turn to the professional version of the product. More about the differences and features see here

Download the CoScreen app

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