Friday April 7 2023

CrococryptMirror : Create encrypted file backups


Also known as "Crococrypt" is an encryption tool that mirrors entire folders (with their contents) with encrypted folders. The encryption algorithms used are AES and Twofish (256 bits). 

The key file is password protected. In addition, ZIP compression is used to optimize storage space. For performance reasons, the synchronization of the source and destination folder is done in the background.

A backup copy of the keyfiles should be kept in a safe place. Without the keyfile the containers cannot be decrypted.

In the portable version of Crococrypt keyfile and settings are saved along with the application folder. Therefore, the full application can be transferred to an external storage device. Network modules can be used as sources as well as destination folders.  

  • Copy and synchronize arbitrary folders and directories to encrypted folders (Backup Containers).
  • Automatic synchronization (Live mode, e.g. for Cloud uploads).
  • Synchronization on demand (eg for external drives such as USB drives).
  • Encrypt file contents, file names, file metadata
  • Shortening filenames.
  • It uses the highest encryption standards and password security techniques.
  • The password security implementation is flexible and can be adapted in the future to match current hardware performance issues.
  • Source folders can be saved to multiple destination containers simultaneously (eg USB drive and Cloud storage).
  • Network drives can be used as sources and destinations.
  • Encrypted containers can be read through the Explorer view or through batch decryption.
  •  Also available in a portable version.
  • No administrative rights are required.
  • No registration or online activation required.


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