Monday June 5 2023

Extract audio from video : Audio and video converter


This is an excellent application that will help you extract audio from video and convert it to mp3, aac, wav, mp4, m4a and asf formate. This means you can easily convert mp4 to mp3, any video to audio. It will also help you to cut video, audio and merge audio.


  • Extract audio from video, convert any video format to any audio format like mp3, aac, wav, wma, mp4, m4a and asf.
  • Audio cutter, using cutter you can cut any audio or music and convert it to any format like mp3, aac, wav, wma, mp4, m4a and asf.
  • Video cutter, you can cut any video in a selected time period.
  • 4) Audio Merger, you can merge any audio to another audio.


  • Bitrate setting, which means the amount of data transferred to the audio. A higher bit rate means better audio quality and a low bit rate means lower quality. option - 32kb/s CBR, 64kb/s CBR, 128kb/s CBR, 192kb/s CBR, 256kb/s CBR, 320kb/s CBR, 115kb/s VBR, 165kb/s VBR, 190kb/s VBR, 245kb/s VBR.
  • Frequency, meaning the number of times per second that the sound pressure wave repeats. option - 8000Hz, 16000Hz, 22050Hz, 44100Hz, 48000Hz.
  • Select stereo or mono sound.
  •  Fade in & Fade out effects
  • Volume up, down and mute.
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