Saturday April 1 2023

i2Clipart : Download and use copyright-free Clipart


i2Clipart is an online sharing network that allows users to create, share and download royalty-free Public Domain clipart images. i2Clipart allows users to download cliparts as vector images (e.g. SVG) or high-quality raster images (e.g. PNG) in a predefined width (64px, 128px, 256px, 512px), search for cliparts by color, edit existing clipart or even create a new one without leaving the site using an online design editor and convert the SVG file to a custom size (png, jpg, pdf, eps, ps). 

All clipart images on i2Clipart.com are Public Domain images. You can copy them, modify them, use them personally or even for commercial purposes, without asking permission. Users submitting clipart to i2Clipart.com certify that it is Public Domain. 

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