LaunchOnFly : Open files, folders, websites, send e-mails


Run applications from your desktop, open files, folders, websites, send e-mail and do more, much faster and easier using keyboard shortcuts or folder application shortcuts, etc.

LaunchOnFly lets you launch any program, access any file or folder, send email and visit websites from the same area or using hotkeys


  • Launch program files ("exe", "com", "bat").
  • Open files and folders.
  • Opening special folders ("Desktop", "Documents", "This PC", ...).
  • Open web pages, send e-mails.
  • Perform special actions ("Empty Recycle Bin", "Restart", "Quit", ...).
  • Open the LaunchOnFly menu by pressing a predefined key combination.
  • Open the LaunchOnFly menu by touching any corner of the screen or border of your choice with the mouse cursor.
  • Open the LaunchOnFly menu by clicking the mouse wheel or the middle button.
  • Open the LaunchOnFly menu by pressing Control or Shift + right-clicking the mouse button.
  • Open the LaunchOnFly menu by left-clicking on the LaunchOnFly system tray icon (near the clock).
  • Open the LaunchOnFly menu by launching the LaunchOnFly app, when LaunchOnFly is already running.
  • Launch a program, open a file, folder or anything else with a single click of a mouse button or using a predefined key combination, hide shortcuts from the menu and open those shortcuts only using a hotkey.
  • Organize your menu the way you want, add dividers between menu items, create folders or split the menu into multiple columns
  • Back up and restore your menu.
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