Tuesday 30 May 2023

PDF Compressor Server : Compress PDF files on your local network


PDF Compressor Server is a Windows application that can monitor one or more folders of recently added PDF files and compress them into smaller PDF files on your local network.

Users can monitor shared network folders and compress PDF files instantly when new files are added. 

They can also choose to delete the original files in the folders after compression or move them to a new location. 

The monitored folder can be shared on a LAN so that all network users can copy their PDFs to the shared folder for processing by the PDF compressor server. 

It can search the subfolders of watched folders, creating the same folder names in the output folder. It also allows users to customize the suffix of compressed output PDF filenames.

Additionally, users can change the DPI and compression quality ratio to get different output file sizes.

It supports scanned PDF and text PDF types. to monitor folders for new files added and compress files.

Simple to use, it offers users on local networks a convenient way to reduce the file size of PDF documents.

With automatic tracking, compression and adjustment features, it is the perfect tool to compress PDF files quickly and easily. Follow the simple steps below to add your folders


  • Add one or more folders by clicking the "Add a Folder" button to select the folder(s) to monitor. 
  • Select a PDF type from the PDF Type Drop list.
  • Set the compression options
  • Click the START button to allow the PDF Compressor server to start tracking all added folders. 
  • It will compress the PDF files as soon as the files are added to the folders. 
  • You can share the folders on a LAN to make other network users discover them.

Download the PDF Compressor Server application
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