Wednesday 31 May 2023

PDFCreator : Convert, lock, compress, merge PDF files


If you can print your document, you can also convert it to PDF with the free PDFCreator app.

And not only that, with PDFCreator, you can also convert the document to other popular formats, such as PNG, JPEG and TIF TXT.

PDFCreator also allows you to protect your documents from unauthorized access or modification. You can restrict access to PDF files, require a password to open the document, or restrict printing and modification of your document with up to 256-bit AES encryption.

Today most people and companies want to archive documents for years or decades and you need to make sure that they will be legible when you need them.

If you have different instances in which you use PDFCreator, you may need different settings for each of them. PDFCreator has the appropriate profile for this. You can create a profile for each situation

You can also have multiple PDFCreator printers and specify which profile will be the default for you. auto save, allows you to have a fully automated PDF printer.

You enable auto-save in your profile and choose where the files will be saved. Every document you print will be saved automatically.

PDFCreator Settings is divided into five sections.

  • On the home page tab that allows you to convert files and contains a history of recently converted documents.
  • The profile tab allows you to manage settings related to the actual conversions of your files.
  • The printer tab allows you to set up and manage PDFCreator printers.
  • In the accounts tab, which allows you to connect PDFCreator to Dropbox, FTP, HTTP servers, or your email
  • And the settings tab.

The PDFCreator application is available absolutely free and the editors described above are available without limitation, however, if you want even more you can choose one of the professional products of the application. 
Download the PDFCreator application
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