Lock your computer with a USB Stick or with your mobile phone


Locking your computer is a necessary procedure to prevent others from using it and to ensure your privacy. However, what if you forget your password?

KeyLock is a free program that will protect you and give you further options to enable or disable it, using your mobile phone or a USB stick.

The software uses the Windows lock screen to lock your computer, making it impossible to access the desktop. After unlocking, you can immediately use your computer again.

Through event logging, get notified immediately if someone tries to break into your computer by activating one of KeyLock's built-in event logging features.

Also use the log to see all failed and successful login attempts and enable email alerts to let you know if someone makes a login attempt and enable audio recording to hear what attackers are saying while they're trying to unlock your computer.

It has been tested by the app creator and works on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Windows with local user accounts, domain user accounts and Microsoft user accounts.


With USB Stick

  1. Download KeyLock.
  2. Run the installer
  3. Follow the steps to install it
  4. Open KeyLock
  5. Enter your Windows password
  6. Tap "Manage physical unlock devices"
  7. Select the drive you want to add as an unlock device
  8. Optional: set a timeout
  9. Tap "Add Unlock Device"
  10. Enter your Windows password

    With a mobile phone

  • Open KeyLock
  • Tap add phone as unlock device
  • Enter your Windows password
  • Install KeyLock on your phone (from Google Play Store)
  • Open KeyLock on your phone
  • Tap "Scan QR-code" on your phone
  • Scan the QR code with your phone
  • Press "Enter a phone key" on your computer and enter the phone key displayed on your phone.
  • (Only if this is your first phone to be added) Choose whether you want to use your LAN, our cloud services, or both to communicate between your phone and computer.
  • Removing a previously added phone can only be done by changing the PC keys.

  • To recap, the options you now have are three, either with a password, or via a USB stick or from your phone. You can, if you wish, have all three options active and use whichever you want. 

    Tested on a computer running windows 11, so it works on that OS too

    TIP: To lock and unlock from your mobile, make sure as soon as you enter windows to run KeyLock and minimize it to the taskbar. From there, lock and unlock your computer by pressing the corresponding indicator on your mobile

    the KeyLock application
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