The 5 best free translation apps


Usually to translate a text in a language we don't know, we use Google translate. 

However, even though it has been improved a lot, it does not have any additional levels of customization. Searching the internet, we found and present the 5 best free applications for windows that will help us in our goal.

Translation Comparison


Translation Comparison translates text and compares translations between Google, Microsoft, Yandex and other translation engines.

The translation comparison extension translates words, phrases and texts and compares translation results between various online translation providers such as Google Translate, Microsoft Bing Translator, Yandex Translator and Translator.

The translation comparison tool translates between 90 languages ​​and displays the translations side by side.

Im Translator


On the Internet you can find many translation programs, but few of them have a simple and easy-to-use menu that makes translation easier than what they are supposed to do. One of them is ImTranslator.

It is basically a plugin that includes instant translation of a selected text, words, phrases and web pages. with the following options, built-in translation, window translation, pop-up translation and web page translation. 

It can translate into 91 languages ​​with a capacity of 5 thousand characters per translation. It supports all known Browsers.

Crow Translate


Crow Translate is a simple translator that allows you to translate and listen to your text using Google, Yandex, Bing, LibreTranslate and the Lingva translate API.

It provides support for 125 different languages, low memory consumption and highly customizable shortcuts. Finally, you can use your mouse or the default keyboard shortcuts and change the settings if you wish.



Need to extract text from images, videos or PDFs? If so, then OCR Copyfish is the ideal software for you. The simplest way usually to extract text from images is to write it somewhere save it and send it by email or translate it. 

Basically, until now, your only option was to print the text. Especially for the case of subtitle translations, Copyfish has a repeatable feature. 

 Highlight the subtitle area once and then use the "Do OCR" button to capture the last text from the screen. 

Now, if you need to switch OCR languages ​​frequently you can set "quick switch" buttons for up to three languages ​​on the settings page. However, where it can be very useful is to export as OCR text any text inside photos videos PDF files and other media. 

The way it works in general is as follows: By clicking on the Copyfish button, we select the text we want from the photo and wait a while until the OCR process is completed. 

From there you can paste it (via Copy to Clipboard) into any text editor or press the Google Translate icon for instant translation. It will work on Google Chrome Mozilla and Edge.



QTranslate is an amazing free translator for Windows. With this small utility, you can simply select the text you want to translate and press the keys for direct access (Ctrl + Q to show the translation in the popup window or Ctrl double click to see the translation in the main window). 

The program also has the ability to vocalize the text (Ctrl + E). You can also open the main program window and type the text manually. The program translates a text using the most popular online translation services, such as GoogleTranslate, Bing Translator, Babylon, Yandex Translate, SDL FreeTranslatiocom and Baidu.

Now, to activate the option of direct translation from any website, after running the program click on its icon that you will see in the Task Manager, once it turns green it means that your option has been activated. 

From here on, simply select the text of the website you want to translate and in the pop-up menu you will see, click on the QTranslate icon. 

If you do not like the translation, to change the translation service simply hover your mouse over the translation box and select any other service you want.

Know of any other apps to add to the collection?

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