Tuesday 23 May 2023

Rambox : Organize and consolidate your apps in one place


Rambox is a workspace organizer that lets you consolidate as many apps as you want, all in one place. 

It's the perfect tool for those who care about productivity while working with multiple business and personal applications.

Choose from hundreds of apps to customize your space. Keep your apps organized by grouping them into workspaces. Configure your workspace to have apps in full-screen or tiled mode. 

Using the different preset layouts, you can display all your apps in a way that suits your needs. You can easily create a tile view of the apps you want and, with a quick glance, you can get the latest information from them.

All tiles can be split vertically or horizontally so you can have the layout you want in seconds. Focus on your current task by activating focus mode. Tell Rambox to mute all notifications and sounds so you can focus on your online meeting, your report, or your code.

You can configure your work hours range for each workplace so you don't receive notifications between that time frame.

Customize notifications for all your apps. Select for each app and workspace whether you want to see a desktop notification or hear a sound.

Never miss anything by going to the notification center. Rambox tracks all your notifications so you can always stay up to date and quickly navigate to the app that notified you.

Rambox also visually reminds you of unread messages or emails for each app, so you can quickly decide where your attention needs to be.

Quick search lets you go where you want. Reply to someone on Slack, read an email, and finish editing your document quickly

You can start typing the name of the file you're working on or the name of your colleague and Rambox will automatically bring up that file or conversation so you don't have to worry about where it was.

The free version includes the following features.


  • 700+ applications
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Manage notifications
  • Quick search
  • Application lock
  • Hibernation
  • Topics
  • Focus mode
  • Mute sounds
  • Custom apps
  • Search text
  • Shortcuts
  • Disable workspaces and applications
  • Application manager

the Rambox app
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