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GT Text: Convert texts from images to editable texts

GT Text is an amazing free software OCR program that will enable us to convert images containing texts into normal editable text. Its operation is very simple and it supports many languages ​​including Greek. 


VSUsbLogon: Login to Windows with your password

VSUsbLogon is a small application that allows you to log into Windows securely via a USB device, replacing the Windows password required at login. 


Create an unlimited number of desktops

DesktopUp is a new, amazing application that will allow you to optimize your desktop, create as many desktops as you want and switch between them.


Lock your computer with a USB Stick or with your mobile phone

Locking your computer is a necessary procedure to prevent others from using it and to ensure your privacy. However, what if you forget your password?


PictureFrame Wizard : Put more pictures into digital frames

PictureFrame Wizard is an application for windows that converts and makes your pictures smaller so that they fit as many pictures as possible. This optimizes your frame's memory usage and can increase the number of images by a factor of 10 to 50. 

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