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16 Best Free Music Composers for Windows

Composition programs are in themselves a category that is not easily found on the internet, let alone for free. However, we have found and presented to you 16 of the best free music composition applications that you will hardly find anywhere else.

19 Best Free Video Editors

Video editing is a process through which we can convert and edit our videos, add effects, cut moments and generally make a video as we wish. 

For this purpose, there are several programs with very good performance that, however, cost money.

Guided by economy, simplicity (as far as possible) and the content of applications, we present to you the best free applications that have almost nothing to envy from their professional counterparts. 

Which one you choose depends mostly on your experience level and what exactly you want to do.


8 Best Free Astronomy Apps for Windows

It's been a while since getting a good astronomy program had to be paid for, and heavily. These days there are tons of free programs for all levels of knowledge. 

For this purpose we have selected 8 of the best free programs ideal for ordinary users, or students, who are simply interested in having an image of space, for amateurs, and why not, even professional astronomers.

13 selected free protection apps for Android phones

The security of our data on our mobile phone is something that should concern us and we should take care of it from the first moment. Along with our protection, we should also choose the appropriate application that will help us manage, clean and optimize its performance. 


13 free ISO, CD, DVD Blu-Ray recording applications for Windows

The era of the absolute dominance of optical media as storage media has now passed, since, due to the explosive technological progress of recent years with the discovery of new high-speed storage media, they are now on the decline. 

However, they are still used by many users as a standalone storage alternative, or for playing movies on older Players. 

For this purpose, we have selected and present to you, 13 free applications for windows, which will help you write your data, your favorite music and your movies to optical discs.

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