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PySolFC: The largest collection of solitaire games for Windows

PySol Fan Club Edition (PySolFC) is a collection of over 1000 solitaire card games. No matter how much you search the internet, you are not going to find a better and larger collection of solitaire games. 

PySolFC is a collection of over 1000 card games in all their guises. Its features include a modern look and feel (uses the TTk widget set), multiple card sets and board backgrounds, sound, unlimited undo, player stats, hint system, demo games, solitaire guide, support for user-written plugins, a built-in HTML help browser and lots of documentation.. So if you're a fan of the genre you shouldn't pass it up.
Download the PySolFC application


Ubuntu Game Pack : Top distribution for linux and windows games

Ubuntu Game Pack, is an operating system that will guarantee the release of more than 85.842 games developed specifically for Linux and developed for Windows, DOS, various game consoles Sega, Nintendo, PSP, Sony PlayStation, ZX Spectrum and many others.

PPSSPP : Play PSP games on your PC

PPSSPP is a modern emulator for Sony's first portable console PSP (PlayStation Portable), capable of playing most games on your laptop or desktop computer.

It was developed by one of the creators of Dolphin (the most powerful Gamecube and Wii emulator), and it can run your PSSPP PSP games on your computer in full HD resolution. Alongside the version for windows there is also a version of the application for Android mobiles and tablets.

The way to use the emulator is very simple, after installing it on your computer run the PPSSPP icon, make a folder on your computer and put inside the psp games you want to run (in ISO format, or PSP ROMS,) click on the Games option in the application menu and find the path of the folder where you have saved your games.

Now add any GamePad to play properly and tap on the icon of the game you want to run.

If you need to configure the GamePad press game settings-button mapping and select the buttons you want to use one by one. If you want to play the games in full screen press game settings - full screen.

Most games will play fine without any further settings, however if you want to change some of the emulator's graphics related settings tap more settings and add or remove options.
the PPSSPP application 


Lakka: Turn your PC into a game console

Lakka is a Linux distribution that turns a small computer into a full-fledged gaming console. Powerful and built on the standards of the famous RetroArch emulator it is able to emulate a wide variety of systems with useful features such as automatic joypad recognition.

Once installed on your SD card or some USB flash drive, you just need to copy the Roms to your device and connect the joypad to enjoy your favorite games.


Angry Birds 2 : The well-known strategy and action game on windows

Angry Birds is a strategy game created by video game developer Rovio Entertainment. the game was originally released for Apple's iOS software in December 2009. 

Since then, more than 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from Apple's online App Store, a fact that has led the company to design corresponding versions of the game for other touchscreen smartphones, such as those using the Android operating system. 

 Rovio has enhanced Angry Birds with several free updates that add new content, and has created standalone seasonal and promotional versions of the game. 

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