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TAGMP3.NET : Free site to change music tags

Welcome to our free online mp3 tag editor. If you are looking for an mp3 tag editor, mp3 tag or want to change album art to mp3 or add photo to your music then tagmp3.net is made for you.


How secure are the websites you visit?

It is a fact that for many years the internet has provided us with the best source of information on thousands of topics, providing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, many trying to take advantage of the same benefit to the detriment of unsuspecting users try in many ways to gain access to our data in order to steal any confidential information and in most cases simply empty our wallet.

Net Speed ​​Meter : See the download and upload speed of your connection

Windows does not have a built-in tool to monitor the Upload - Download speed of your internet connection. 

This is why many developers have created various software utilities to monitor important parameters related to your internet connection. 

Net Speed ​​Meter is one of them. a real-time meter that reveals the download and upload speed of your connection.

This particular application is one of those tiny software programs that can prove to be quite useful. Once you run it, a small counter appears on your desktop. Right-click and double-click the counter to view the application menu. 

You can easily change the appearance of the meter and other app settings to customize its behavior. For example, you can change the speed unit from bits per second to bytes per second. Additionally, the appearance of the meter, which is black by default, can be changed.

The font and size of the text can also be changed. Net Speed ​​Meter can be set to start with Windows so you don't have to start it manually every time you turn on your computer. The counter is set to stay on top of all other windows.


YouDJ : Mix your favorite songs

YouDJ is a website through which we can listen and mix music. It gives us the possibility in a very simple and easy way to listen and mix songs from the internet, but also audio from YouTube videos. 

Of course, nothing prevents us from mixing our favorite songs from our computer. It consists of 2 virtual turntables and a mixer.

Your mission is to simultaneously play two songs on each turntable and use the mixer to mix them. You can use loop effects, hotcues, backspin, and more.

To make it easy, the beats are automatically synchronized, but you can also change the speed of the music in the mixer. You can access all the music and videos found on the bottom side.

The menu on the left side allows you to search and access the music library. Also, you can display amazing videos in the background by pressing these buttons on the mixer. 
OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, Chromebook, linux
Download the YouDJ app


OnionFruit Connect: Free Tor Network Anonymous Web Browsing Tool

OnionFruit Connect is a lightweight, streamlined Tor connection tool that allows the user to connect their computer to Tor networks in seconds. It acts as a proxy server, meaning that any application (Browser) it uses will be routed through the network. 

Tor is a group of computers structured in such a way as to give its users anonymity on the Internet and routes Internet traffic through a global voluntary network of servers in order to hide a user's location or traffic usage from anyone conducting Internet tracking or analyzing web traffic;

Using Tor makes it difficult to track a user's online activity, including the pages you visit, web posts, instant messaging, and other online media. You do not need a different Browsers, you can use any. 

The application starts the tor service and then modifies the proxy settings to route most of your applications through the tunnel created by tor. 

When you see the page that states that you are logged in, all your internet data passing through the tunnel is now encrypted. Each site you visit is routed through a different set of servers, making it "impossible" to locate you. The mode of operation is very simple, after running the application you have to activate it.

As you can see, by default the application is disabled, so what you need to do is to enable it and select, if you wish, the country from which your Ip will be seen. 

However you can skip this step and let the program choose the right location for you. From there you will see a page open in your Browser informing you that the connection was successful. Now, you can browse completely anonymously, with a different Ip from your real one.
Download the OnionFruit Connect app

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