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IP Tools: View connectivity status, public IP addresses and more

It is a completely free application that displays your current connectivity status, public IP addresses, DNS servers, Wi-Fi and cellular network information with many features such as:

IP Geolocation where you can get your public IP geographic area such as county, city, zip code, internet service provider (ISP) and estimated location coordinates with high accuracy. This can be compared to the GPS coordinates on your device

IPv4 information is a quick way to get specific information about any public IP in the world, including estimated location, service area, ISP name, Autonomous System Number (ASN), announcements, and more.

Also with the ISP. Ping you can check the ICMP reachability of any host on the internet.

These are indicative of some of the possibilities of the application, of course it includes many more waiting for you to explore them.


DShutdown: Turn off one or more computers on a local network

Free application that allows the user to disable one or more remote computers on a local network under specific conditions such as, after a specified period of time, at a specified time, at a specified time of the day of the week of the month or time, when a running program terminates, when CPU usage rises above a certain level for a given time, when Internet activity is above or below a specified value for a given time, when the modem connection fail or some other similar peripheral, when the user is inactive for a certain amount of time, when a pixel on the screen changes color, or when another program (or the user itself) requests a shutdown. 
the DShutdown application 


IP Messenger: Exchange messages and files on your local network

It is one of the best programs of its kind intended for fast communication between computers connected to the same local network. 

Lightweight and simple to use, with the ability to encrypt your messages, IP Messenger is an amazing free chat and instant messaging program that lets you communicate within your local network.

 It's a TCP/IP (UDP) based application that works great on any serverless computer.

In addition, it is able to transfer files and folders, however eof its basic function as a messenger,it has a number of additional features such as transferring files and even entire folders to other users on the network and taking screenshots of your system for sending. 

You can customize it, change the font, and other elements of your messages. 
the IP Messenger app

PingTools Network Utilities : Network utilities

It is a useful set of powerful network program applications through which you can see basic information about your device's network with continuous monitoring of remote resources. 

It shows all the devices on your network, includes a network performance measurement and tuning tool, network speed measurement and port scanning. It also includes UPnP \ DLNA device scanning capabilities. Wi-Fi, DNS lookup and many more applications


Flying Carpet : Wireless file transfer between computers

Flying Carpet is a simple free application that enables you to make wireless, encrypted file transfers between computers through automatic ad hoc networking configuration. 

No network infrastructure such as an access point is required. All you'll need are two computers in close proximity. 

Flying Carpet is the ideal solution if you need to transfer a file larger than 2 GB between different file computers without setting up a file share. 

You can transfer multiple files simultaneously, at high speed without the need to use Bluetooth or your local network. File transfer to computers running windows, iOS linux or macOS is supported

  Download   the Flying Carpet app

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