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Spybot Anti-Beacon: Block the sending of data from your computer to Windows

The privacy and security of our computer is very important. Spybot Anti-Beacon is a great software that protects your computer from tracking programs and helps you stop sending your data to third parties. 

It is designed to block the tracking (telemetry) systems present in Windows 10 and 11. It is simple to use and in its basic version is provided for free. However, the paid version includes more features.

 To activate it we click on the Anti-Beacon button on the main screen of the application and all Windows tracking functions will be disabled immediately.
Download the Spybot Anti-Beacon app


How secure are the websites you visit?

It is a fact that for many years the internet has provided us with the best source of information on thousands of topics, providing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, many trying to take advantage of the same benefit to the detriment of unsuspecting users try in many ways to gain access to our data in order to steal any confidential information and in most cases simply empty our wallet.

WFN : Strengthen your computer's security

Windows Firewall Notifier is a small utility that reconfigures the basic Windows firewall to enhance your computer's security. The key change is special monitoring of your outgoing network connections. So once you've run the program, notifications will start popping up every time a new app wants to go online. 

Just like with other firewalls, you can choose to deny or allow the connection, and save your decision. Windows Firewall Notifiers (WFN) extends the default Windows settings by allowing it to display and handle incoming or outgoing connections. Requires Windows Vista or later version of Windows.

Every time an application wants to connect to the internet it will ask you if you want to. In this way, you can give access to applications that are necessary for you and block others in case you do not want their connection to external servers, etc.

You can also change many parameters through the application's very useful panel and generally gain full access to every communication attempt of your software.

Please note, however, that WFN is not a separate Firewall, it is simply a software with which we can highlight and edit in detail the classic windows firewall on our computer by controlling every attempt to connect to the internet. If for some reason you want to disable it, click the DisableWFN icon. It will run on all windows.
Download the WFN application


Free Firewall : Free professional firewall for Windows

Free Firewall is a full-featured professional firewall that will help you maintain full control over the flow of data from your system and protect you against Internet threats. Controls every program on your computer to allow or deny access to the Internet. 

It will alert you if app requests are seeking to access the internet in the background without your knowledge. This is yet another free Firewall that, apart from its effectiveness, is distinguished by its simplicity.

With the help of the application you can prevent the attacker from gaining access to your computer by exploiting any security vulnerabilities. Protect yourself from a remote access and control of your system and access to your personal information. 

You can even set the traffic to the applications that have access to the internet, by controlling access to the network and the Internet application, so you allow access to the internet only those programs that you trust. notification of access.

Free Firewall is not just a free firewall but a full-featured firewall, providing additional features to protect your privacy and life from intruders. 

Finally you can prevent that tracking services on websites will be able to analyze your surfing habits. In this way the firewall prevents calls to the statistics and analysis services on the Internet pages, which record the user's behavior in the background.

Botnets consist of many computers running malware in the background and can be used remotely for attacks. The application notifies you of background transmissions, which you can quickly block.

Unlike many other firewalls, it can work with any other firewall in parallel, so enjoy a higher level of protection and combine different functions 

In addition to the basic features, it offers useful tools to protect against telemetry and protect your privacy from tracking.  
Download the Free Firewall application


Buttercup : Password manager with strong 256bit AES encryption

Buttercup is a password manager designed to help manage your credentials.

It uses very strong encryption to protect your sensitive information with a single master password (Feel free to use stronger and more complex onespasswords for each service and let Buttercup store them securely).

It is free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Android, iOS. Use it together with the browser extension and mobile app for a completely portable experience.

It uses very strong encryption to protect your sensitive data with a single master password.

Keep this password secret and do not use it for any other login.

Once you've saved your Buttercup login, you can focus on remembering just that password (for Buttercup), all other passwords don't need to be remembered.
OPERATING SYSTEM :Windows, Mac and Linux, Android, iOS
Download the Buttercup app

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