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Redo Rescue : Restore your computer in minutes

Redo Rescue Backup and Recovery is a completely free software that can backup and restore an entire computer system within minutes, from a very simple menu.

Paragon Backup & Recovery : Free recovery kit for your operating system

Recover your data even when the operating system crashes and cannot be started. In the event that your operating system becomes damaged or otherwise fails to start, you can boot from a bootable USB stick and restore your entire system, including your operating system, installed programs, user settings and data, all in a WinPE environment.

In the app you'll find everything you might need to quickly back up and recover your data or your entire system on-site, whether it's to ensure the integrity and consistency of valuable information or just to be safe during maintenance or changes to your computer.

You can back up files, volumes and disks in their entirety or select one at a time. Define new strategies with custom backup parameters such as, backup type, frequency, schedule, scripted backup jobs to choose "what" and "where" 

Before starting make sure to create a bootable media (USB) as you see in the image below.

Download the Paragon Backup & Recovery application


DiskCopy : Free disk cloning and copying tool

DiskCopy is a user-friendly disk/partition cloning tool. It is ideal both for migration to a faster storage device and for data backup with very good features such as:


Lazesoft Recovery Suite: Free CD-USB data recovery and Windows system

Lazesoft Recovery Suite is one of the best free programs to recover the data of your files, or your operating system (Windows) when your computer won't be able to start normally.

You can fix most problems quickly and easily by creating a Lazesoft autoboot rescue CD or USB disk and then restarting your computer by selecting the appropriate section. 

Its main mission is not only the ability to erase your Windows password but you can use it as a backup and recovery software for windows, or clone your operating system.


Windows Repair: An all-in-one repair tool for Windows

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair is an all-in-one repair tool that will help you fix a large number of known Windows problems, including registry and file errors as well as problems related to Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Windows Firewall and more.

Also with Tweaking.com - Windows Repair you can restore the original settings of Windows. You can download the program either as an installer to install it on your computer or download the portable file to run the application without installation.

Before you start the program provides you with 3 steps of investigating the problem before proceeding to repair it. More specifically, it checks your computer for problems that may have been caused by a virus or a problem in the operation of the windows file system.

If you are sure that the problem does not come from there you can start directly from the stage where you choose to create a restore point for all your settings up to now immediately after in the next tab ΄΄start repair΄΄ press the start button to start the investigating and repairing problems on your computer.

If you know exactly what you're looking for, uncheck the boxes that are checked by default and you don't need them, otherwise leave them as they are. The program will investigate and repair all problems by restoring the correct settings in windows.

You should keep in mind that it can't fix everything, and if you find a problem that isn't in the list of problems to fix, you can report it on the developer's forum so that the developers can take it into account and fix it. in the next version to include it. 

Finally something important, before starting the repair make sure to disable the protection programs you have on your computer (Antivirus)

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