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IObit SysInfo Free: Monitor your PC in real time

IObit SysInfo is a free software that has a simple but clear information table to know every piece of hardware that is connected to your computer. It always keeps you up to date on system and hardware status and helps you identify certain issues and upgrade what you need.

Real-time monitoring monitors the temperature and usage rate of CPU, GPU, disk, motherboard, and memory resources. This way, you can better understand how your computer's resources and storage space are consumed. 

A clear display layout will show you the current memory usage rate, available computer space and memory capacity. In addition, the temperature overheating alert will help protect your computer hardware and prevent any damage caused by overheating.

It gives you a complete summary of your system information about your operating system, computer specifications, network and hardware conditions. Finally, it allows you to choose to export any section and save it in txt and HTML formats.
Download the IObit SysInfo Free application

ImDisk Toolkit: Create virtual Ram disks in Windows

Free all-in-one application includes the ImDisk virtual disk driver and the DiscUtils library that expands the number of supported image file formats and adds many GUIs and features.

It will allow you to mount hard disk, cd-rom or floppy disk image files and create one or more ramdisks with various parameters.

However, the application also includes a very useful function, the ability to create virtual RAM disks to speed up the operations on our computer.

Which in particular we can specify and allocate a small part of the existing RAM to store Windows temporary files.

This will give a great acceleration when using our applications since all processing will be done in RAM and not on our hard disk or SSD.

The setup way is simple, just run the icon RamDisk Configuration and specify how much RAM you want to use, then click Set temp variables and on the next tab click on the button Set all to.Now, if you want to go back to the classic windows settings again, just click on the Set Defaults button.
Download the ImDisk Toolkit application

Lumii: Powerful photo editor

This is a free app for Android that will help you create high-quality artistic photos without requiring you to have professional skills.

It includes advanced photo editing tools and amazing preset photo filters and effects to edit and enhance your images. 

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Lumii is one of the best apps of its kind. 

The exquisitely designed photo filters and photo effects as presets for Instagram make your photos stand out and bring it to a new level. 

Easily control hue, saturation, lightness (HSL), support 8 color channels and add your own custom filters.

Media Archive: Manage, organize and view or listen to video and audio files

Have a lot of songs and videos but can't find what you're looking for? Want to tag and rate your favorite songs? Want to edit music file tags quickly and easily? 


GT Text: Convert texts from images to editable texts

GT Text is an amazing free software OCR program that will enable us to convert images containing texts into normal editable text. Its operation is very simple and it supports many languages ​​including Greek. 

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